Saudi-led coalition launches military, humanitarian operation in Yemen’s Hudaydah

The Saudi-led Coalition Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen has launched a new military and humanitarian operation in the port of Hudaydah, west of Yemen.

The operation came in response to a request by the Yemen legitimate to back the Yemeni military, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Thursday.

The drive aims to guarantee the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people through liberating the port, in addition to securing international waterways.

It is part of the major operation “Restoration of Hope”, based on the same motives that prompted the coalition to interfere militarily in Yemen, namely a request by the Yemeni government and in line with the UN Security Council resolution, especially one No. 2216.

Liberating Hudaydah will be a significant tool to restore the peaceful operation in Yemen, and to get out of a stalemate of negotiations resulting from the Iran-backed Houthi militia’s intransigence.

The militia has come to seize control of the port, as Tehran is providing them with heavy weaponry, especially ballistic missiles.

The Houthi has repeatedly rejected several initiatives and solutions proposed by regional and international parties seeking a political settlement, SPA said.

The agency noted that the new operation followed several requests by the Yemeni government and the coalition states to the UN to take responsibility and supervision of the port, dismissing the militia from it after they used it from smuggling weapons.

The move will seek to liberate Hudaydah and transfer all revenues of the port to the Central Bank of Yemen, as well as securing delivery of humanitarian aid to Yemeni’s and securing freedom of maritime navigation through the port.

SPA stressed that the coalition will work closely with the humanitarian agencies operating in Yemen to help meet the needs of the people to alleviate their suffering.

According to SPA, the coalition remains committed to the international humanitarian law and keen on protecting property and infrastructure, in addition to supporting humanitarian and relief organizations in Yemen.

Source: Kuwait News Agency