Security Council calls on Taliban to allow foreigners, Afghans leave “safely”

NEW YORK, The UN Security Council on Monday adopted a resolution urging the Taliban to honor its pledges and allow Afghan people and foreigners to leave Afghanistan “safely”.

Thirteen members out of 15 voted for the move, while two others – Russia and China – obtained.

The Council expects the Taliban to fulfill their obligations and provide a safe passage to those who want to leave the country, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Greenfield said during a UN Security Council session on Afghanistan.

Afghan people are suffering several problems and humanitarian agencies will need much money, she added, noting that the US has managed to evacuate 122,000 people from Afghanistan since the end of last July. She pointed out that the international community is committed to preventing Afghanistan from being a haven for terrorists, stressing the necessity for the international community to remain united to secure aid to Afghanistan.

The resolution calls on the parties to work with international partners so as to take steps to enhance security in Afghanistan and efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

The Council called for not using the Afghan territories to threaten or attack any country, or a haven for terrorists.

The Council affirmed the importance of human rights, including the rights of women and minorities in Afghanistan.

Source: Kuwait News Agency