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Senate passes resolution to end US support for war in Yemen

WASHINGTON, The Senate voted Wednesday to end US support for the war in Yemen for the second time as the same bill passed last December.

The resolution, voted by 54-46 should pass the House of Representatives and must be vetoed by President Donald trump, which the Administration “strongly opposes”, said the White House Office of Management and Budget in a statement.

The President’s administration opposes ” the passage of a joint resolution that purports to direct the President to remove United States forces from hostilities or affecting the Republic of Yemen, with certain exceptions”, the statement said.

” The premise of the joint resolution is flawed, and would “harm bilateral relationships in the region, negatively affect our ability to prevent the spread of violent extremist organizations”, it stressed.

It affirmed that if the resolution “were presented to the President, his senior advisors would recommend he veto the joint resolution.

Source: Kuwait News Agency