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Singapore Strategy Webinars for City Index Traders in 2013

SINGAPORE–(Marketwire – January 18, 2013) – City Index is gearing up to host its first trading seminars of 2013.

As one of the leading providers of online CFD and leveraged forex trading, City Index is continuing its essential trading webinars into the New Year.

The sessions will be hosted by Chief Global Strategist Ashraf Laidi, and are designed to give City Index account holders an expert insight into the key trading topics for the coming year. Ashraf is a leading commentator on forex and a regular contributor to CNBC and Bloomberg. He also appeared as a mentor in the hugely successful Trading Academy competition, held by City Index in the tail end of last year.

Access to these webinars is absolutely free for account holders, and essential if traders are looking to understand market movements. Topics covered include:

Risk management
Failure to manage risk can be the difference between growing and blowing a trading account. This section of the webinar will help traders to come to grips with stop losses, reward to risk ratios, and entry/exit points.

Key fundamental dates
It’s important to understand the importance of fundamental analysis. Real world news and economic events could have a big impact on your chosen market. In this section of the webinar, traders will learn when to expect movement, how much, and the potential direction.

2013 Outlook
Ashraf will also be spending time discussing key trading events for 2013. What are the trading opportunities in each market? Are there any positions to avoid? How is the market shaping up against 2012? All of these questions and more will be answered in the session.

There are no extra charges or commitments. All traders need to take part in the webinar is an account with City Index and to enrol at the following link:

During this essential webinar, traders learn the essentials they need to kick start their trading for 2013.

The first session takes place on January 24th, 8:00pm (Singapore time).

Your losses are magnified in exactly the same way as your gains if the market moves against you and can result in losses exceeding your initial outlay. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

Joshua Raymond
City Index

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