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Skilled Now Stacks Up International Endorsements for Career Certification Programs

International vocational college networks and prominent global industry associations have endorsed Skilled Now’s practical, job-based certification and training programs that will help their stakeholders become more employable and competitive in the marketplace.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Industry and government leaders are recognizing the value of soft skills as differentiators for workers to win competitive job opportunities and organizations to drive sustainable growth. These leaders are actively adopting the programs offered by Knowledge Workers Pro (KWP) and Skills Builder Pro (SBP), Skilled Now Solutions, to help deliver on that promise.

Burton and South Derbyshire College, headquartered in the U.K., has endorsed the full KWP and SBP libraries. “The practical, job-focused approach to training from Skilled Now complements the technical education our college provides its learners,” says Dawn Ward CEO and Principal. “This means they will be better prepared for success in a competitive marketplace and in securing meaningful and sustainable employment.”

Highbury College in Portsmouth, UK agrees and also fully endorses the Skilled Now offerings. Stella Mbubaegbu, CEO and Principal, says, “The interactivity, ease of use and excellent content within Knowledge Workers Pro will enable learners from a variety of backgrounds to achieve not only their certification, but also enhance their career skills and ambitions, which makes this platform attractive to professionals and employers alike.”

“We are proud of these recognitions and are working closely with these organizations to help us achieve our shared goals,” says Cinda Daly, Skilled Now COO. The growing list of endorsed programs covers a range of careers and soft skills topics, including the unique KWP Workplace Professional Certification.

“Every job has different requirements, but the nine skill areas in the Workplace Professional training program are not only relevant, but fundamental to every workplace role,” says Frances McCabe, Head of Education, Institute of Sales Management. ISM has also endorsed the KWP Sales Professional and KWP Customer Service Professional certification programs.

Chartered Management Institute also recognized Workplace Professional, plus 16 soft skills courses relevant to managers, and the KWP Small Business Owner Certification. “This is a comprehensive, effective course that clearly meets the mapping requirements for the CMI National Occupations Standards to achieve this status,” explains Jane Fallon, Lead Mapper.

Knowledge Workers Pro programs cover six career disciplines governed by the Skilled Now International Career Competency Standards Board. Skills Builder Pro is a diverse business and soft skills training library of more than 100 topical courses that follow workers along their career path and support learning as a life-long pursuit.

Skilled Now serves business, industry, government, and academic institutions worldwide through its global headquarters in Washington DC, USA. Partner opportunities are open.

Learn more about the value of certification in our ebook, “The X Factor in Today’s Competitive Marketplace: Business and Soft Skills Certification.”

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