So-called IS key enemy in Syria, but no future for Bashar – France

PARIS, The so-called Islamic State (IS) is the key enemy in Syria and combating this group is top of the agenda for France in that country, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

At a press briefing, Spokeswoman Ann Von der Muhll commented on recent statements from Turkey and the United States on the position of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, with both countries appeared not to exclude from remaining in power after the hostilities.

The French official said that her country’s position on Bashar Al-Assad was clearly expressed as recently as earlier this month.

“As indicated several times by (Foreign Minister) Jean-Yves Le Drian, it is not realistic to envisage maintaining Bashar Al-Assad in power in a reconciled Syria,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Spokeswoman reiterated that the only way to bring peace to Syria and stability to the region, and eradicate terrorism at the same time, is to reach a credible and lasting political solution in line with UN resolution 2254.

“France is fully mobilised to push forward this political solution to the conflict, notably through dialogue with the principal regional and international parties, in particular ‘the Small Group’ and the Astana Group,” Von der Muhll added, underlining the dual processes working for a solution in Syria.

She stressed the need for the Constitutional Committee, currently being discussed by the Astana partners, to be “credible and balanced” and put in place by the United Nations, as agreed in the Istanbul Summit last October 27.

The French official further urged that this Committee must allow for “an inclusive and credible process” which will lead to free and impartial elections under UN supervision.

This process must include Syrian refugees and displaced, which currently make up at least half of the population.

Source: Kuwait News Agency