Social Development Ministry launches ‘Bahja’ Team

The Ministry of Social Development has launched the “Bahja” (Joy) Team initiative for its affiliates.

The move aims to enhance the professional productivity of the employees, in a way that would raise job satisfaction, which will reflect positively on the level of services delivered to the beneficiaries.

The Social Development Ministry indicated that the launch of the team is part of its celebrations of the International Day of Happiness, observed worldwide every March 20, noting that its initiative aims to promote the culture of positive work among its staff, consolidate healthy and social work environment, as well as reach the maximum extent of social stability and job satisfaction, in a way that reflects positively on the institutional performance.

The Ministry indicated that the team will devise a plan including many social programmes and initiatives that will be implemented throughout the year, adding that it has determined the implementation mechanism of the initiative by achieving productivity and sustainability, in a way that would contribute to advancing its development march.

Source: Bahrain News Agency