Socialist Group in EP slams Israel’s controversial law

The Socialists and Democrats Group (S and D) in the European Parliament Thursday condemned the controversial Nation State Law adopted by the Israeli parliament (Knesset), which declares Israel the nation state of the Jewish people with Hebrew as its only official language.

S and D vice-president for foreign policy and human rights, Elena Valenciano, in a statement said “these new laws represent another serious attack against democratic values and fundamental freedoms in the country.” “The Nation State Law not only downgrades the status of Palestinian Arab citizens and of Arabic language in Israel, but also encourages segregation through the promotion of Jewish settlement as a national value,” said the vice-president of the EP’s second-largest political Group.

“The international community, including the European Union, has to say it loud and clear: Israel is not above international law and standards. Acts and decisions must have consequences. I reiterate our call for a genuine assessment by the European Union whether Article 2 of our Association Agreement with Israel is still fulfilled”, added the statement.

Source: Kuwait News Agency