Somalia thanks Kuwait for promoting peace, development

NEW YORK, The Somali government expressed Wednesday gratitude to Kuwait for its backing to peace and social and economic development in the east African nation.

The Somali government is appreciative to “brothers in Kuwait” for their important role in sustaining peace and effectively supporting economic and social development in Somalia, especially in the field of education, said Somalia’s Ambassador to the UN Mohammad Rabi Yusuf in a special UN Security Council session to renew the mandate for international forces fighting piracy off Somali coast.

He also lauded the efforts of Kuwait’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi and the Permanent Mission of Kuwait to the United Nations to help the Somali government and people restore stability in their country.

During the session, the UNSC renewed for 12 months the authorization for States and regional organizations cooperating with Somalia to use all necessary means to fight piracy off the coast of the east African country.

Commending the efforts of numerous States and regional organizations that it named as cooperating with the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, which has resulted in a steady decline in attacks, the council stressed, however, that the crime still threatened peace and stability, particularly in Somalia itself.

It therefore called again upon all states and regional organizations that are able to do so to join the fight by deploying naval vessels, arms and military aircraft, by providing basing and logistical support for counter-piracy forces, and by seizing boats, vessels, arms and other related equipment used in the commission of piracy-related crimes.

It also called again on all relevant states to take legal action to prevent financing of piracy, to criminalize the crime under their domestic law and to favorably consider prosecution of suspected pirates apprehended off the coast of Somalia and imprisonment of those convicted.

Source: Kuwait News Agency