Spain on verge of 4th new general election

MADRID, Spain is on the verge of a fourth new general election in recent years after the leftist parties failed to gather consensus on forming a coalition government.

In a last-ditch effort to salvage the coalition government initiative, the Socialist Party — led by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez — tried to persuade the leftist-counterpart Podemos (we can) party to form a government; however, all went to no avail with a possible election looming on the horizon.

By September 23, if all efforts failed to form a government, an election will be scheduled on November 10.

The holding of a new election is highly possible with Sanchez’s offers for more positions in the government being swapped down by Podemos, headed Pablo Iglesias, insisting on portfolios of wide authorities.

Other political rivals urged the Socialists and Podemos to reach an agreement and avoid a new election, which will probably come out with similar results, continuing the political limbo in Spain while economic and political challenges were continuing to pile up.

King Felipe VI also seems interested in finding a solution to the political upheaval and he intends to go on a round of talks with political blocs before re-tasking Sanchez again to form the elusive government.

According to a multitude of polls, if elections were to be held, the socialist and right wing parties will have the majority in parliament; however, it would be a majority that will not enable winners to impose their will when concerned with government formation.

Despite what the polls indicate, expecting the unpredictable is a core essence of any election, but a growing sentiment in the Spanish political scene points at a possible win for Pedro Sanchez who will surely lock horns again with Podemos unless there were some concessions.

All are awaiting for the announcement of a new election in light of the current political gridlock unless there was a miracle of some sort between the Socialists and Podemos, which will lead to a session for parliament on September 20 to formally assign, again, Sanchez as Prime Minister.

This will be followed by a voting session on September 21 and another session on the 23 of the month, but if catastrophe strikes, parliament will be dissolved if Sanchez did not get a mandate by then.

Source: Kuwait News Agency