Stoltenberg welcomes Putin-Trump meeting

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Tuesday welcomed the upcoming meeting between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki next Monday.

“I welcome that President Trump will meet President Putin. That’s fully in line with NATO policies. NATO believes in what we call the dual track approach to Russia, combining defence with dialogue,” he told a press conference.

“Because we don’t want a new Cold War. We don’t want a new arms race. Russia is our neighbour. Russia is here to stay. And we need dialogue with Russia on many different levels, to strive for a better relationship with Russia,” he added.

He noted that several NATO leaders have already met President Putin.

“NATO, for two years we were not able to convene what we call the NATO-Russia Council, but since 2016 we have been able to convene seven meetings of the NATO-Russia Council, which is a platform for direct dialogue, Russia and NATO Allies. So, I think it’s absolutely the right thing that President Trump meets President Putin,” he added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency