KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait, – Opposition groups and individuals made an impressive showing on Sunday, in the parliamentary elections, by winning almost half of the 50 seats, Kuwait Times reported.

The Gulf country is divided into five electoral districts and the top 10 achievers in each of the district become the lawmakers for a four-year term.

The Islamist, nationalist and liberal opposition, which returned to the polls after a four-year boycott, won at least 15 seats, with between seven and 10 seats won by its allies, the report said.

This will enable the opposition to grill ministers and vote them out of office, which will considerably boost its power in the next parliament, it said.

Islamists make the backbone of the opposition, with the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM), the local arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, bagging four seats and a few supporters.

People are upset from the previous parliament, for approving a large number of unpopular laws, and for failing to prevent the government from raising the prices of petrol and other services, the report said.

But the opposition’s win raises fears that the country will return to political crises, like before the 2013 era, it said.-

Source: Nam News Network