Sudanese opposition leader warns of coup

KHARTOUM, Head of Sudan’s opposition Umma Party Al-Sadeq Al-Mahdi warned Saturday against a coup if opposition parties failed to agree on period of the transition.

At a news conference, Al-Mahdi urged protesters to continue their sit-in in front of the army headquarters in Khartoum until their demands were met.

He called for dealing with the military council “with wisdom.” Al-Mahdi, who was the last elected Prime Minister before former President Omar Al-Bashir came to power in a military coup, said he supported the extradition of Bashir and his top aides to the international criminal court.

The Sudanese army removed Bashir on April 11 following protests that began on December 19. Protesters said they would continue their sit-in until the transitional military council handed over power to a civilian government.

Opposition forces also want crack down on corruption and nepotism, as well as alleviating economic troubles.

The military council chairman Abdulfatah Al-Burhan promised to eliminate the former regime and said he would form a civilian government approved by all parties

Source: Kuwait News Agency