Sudanese parties hold peace talks in Juba

KHARTOUM, South Sudan President Silva Kiir called on the government of Sudan and armed groups Monday to “work seriously” to stop the conflict that caused suffering and displaced many citizens.

Kiir was speaking at the first round of peace talks in Juba between Sudan’s sovereignty council on one side, and armed groups in the revolutionary front, the popular movement and the forces of the liberation of Sudan, according to Al-Shurooq news channel.

“Achieving peace in the State of Sudan means stability in its South Sudan neighbor,” he said.

“I urge you to work to achieve peace for your people, I don’t want you to adopt hard and inflexible positions … you have to be ready to offer necessary concessions,” added Kiir.

He urged the Sudanese government to avoid “old policies and practices” that triggered separation of South Sudan from Sudan in 2011.

Mohammad Hamdan, member of Sudan’s sovereign council, said peace was a strategic option and the main force for stability.

The Sudanese parties arrived in Juba for talks hosted by Kiir in a bid to reach peace.

Source: Kuwait News Agency