Sudan’s revolutionaries raise vision for political transition

KHARTOUM, The Freedom and Change Forces offered to the Sudanese Transitional Military Council on Thursday a draft constitutional declaration setting forth the vision of the revolutionaries for the transitional stage.

Unveiling the document at a press conference in Khartoum, Sate’ Al-Haj, a spokesman for the forces, said the declaration, which is open to amendment, charts a roadmap for political transition during a four-year transitional stage.

He asked the military council to respond to the declaration within 72 hours.

The document specifies the powers of the various state authorities at different levels and provide for establishing a supreme leadership council, which will act as head of state in the nomination of a judiciary chief and ambassadors. Decisions in this regard should be made by the planned leadership council in coordination with the transitional military council with a two-third majority vote, Al-Haj revealed.

Under the declaration, a cabinet should be formed by the Freedom and Change Forces with a prime minister, a deputy prime minister and at most 17 ministers.

The cabinet should have the authority to declare a state of emergency and work out the state policies while the military council should be responsible for the security and military issues, Al-Haj went on.

A legislature should be formed on a caretaking basis with 120-150 members, including 40 percent females, who should be selected by the Freedom and Change Forces and other forces that took part in the revolution.

Meanwhile, the Military Council, the de facto ruler of Sudan since the ouster of president Hassan Al-Bashir on April 11, confirmed that they received the declaration, and termed it as a step to substantive political dialogue.

In a statement received by KUNA, the Council reaffirmed commitment to dialogue with all political forces and promised to study the document and respond to it properly.

In the meantime, dozens of thousands of demonstrators continue joining the rally at the general command of the armed forces in Khartoum in response to the calls of the Freedom and Change Forces and trade unions who press for purely civilian rule.

Source: Kuwait News Agency