Suffering Syrians need world’s help, UAE paper

Suffering Syrians need world’s help, UAE paper
2013-01-31 11:18:32

WAM Abu Dhabi, Jan 31st, 2013 (WAM) — Against the backdrop a Donor Conference in Kuwait for the Syrian Refugees, a local paper has said that UAE’s generosity needs to be matched by others so that United Nation’s appeal for support from the international community finds enough money to avoid what could become a truly vast humanitarian disaster.

“Gulf News” in its editorial commented: “Finding a political solution in Syria is vital, but the humanitarian crisis is immediate and everyone should rally to help this major challenge in the Arab region.” Yesterday, the UAE Government pledged a very significant $300 million (Dh1.10 billion) towards the United Nations’ target of $1 billion to look after the 700,000 refugees currently hiding from the violence in Syria’s four neighbouring countries, and another $500 million to handle humanitarian support for the four million displaced Syrians inside the country.


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