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Syrian militants prepare for chemical attack in Idlib – Russian commander

MOSCOW, Head of the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation Maj.-Gen. Alexei Tsygankov said Tuesday Syrian militant groups obtained chemical weapons and prepare for using them in the northern governorate of Idlib.
The militants plan again to use such an attack as a pretext for US missile attacks on Syrian regular troops, Russian Interfax news agency quoted Tsygankov as saying.
The Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation, based at the Hmeimim Air Base, in Latakia Governorate, northwest Syria, received information that the Syrian militants moved large quantities of chemical weapons from Afas to Saraqib, he said.
Elements of the White Helms (a volunteer organization known as Syria Civil Defense that operates in opposition-held areas) took part in transferring the weapons to warehouses of Ahrar El-Sham group, Tsygankov added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

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