ClinicAll Eye Tracking

NEUSS, Germany, December 27, 2016/PRNewswire/ — – Cross reference: Picture is available via epa european pressphoto agency ( ) – Many people depend on modern communication aids when interacting with computers. Devices with such input aids are often indispensable as they are the only way for some patients to participate in the modern media world or to […]


New Premium Entertainment Software by ClinicAll for Android and iOS

NEUSS, Germany, September 1, 2016/PRNewswire/ — Entertainment in the luxury segment – specially developed for the healthcare sector. ClinicAll, the software developer from Neuss in Germany, is now offering a new premium entertainment software for clinics and hospitals that is compatible with both Android and iOS (Apple) devices. Cross reference: Picture is available via epa […]

Health Care

Increase Patient Satisfaction and Cost Efficiency with the ClinicAll System

NEUSS, Germany, April 4, 2016/PRNewswire/ — ClinicAll International (USA) brief How many hospitals have state-of-the-art multimedia infotainment at their patients’ bedside? How many already have a system in place that forms the basis for the profitable digitalization of their hospital’s entire procedures and processes? How can a hospital enhance its image vis-à-vis patients whilst increasing […]


Digitally Networked Clinic Information Systems: Rethinking Patient Entertainment

NEUSS, Germany, February 25, 2016/PRNewswire — Modern medicine would be inconceivable without computer technology. Indeed, medical technology and information technology are becoming more inextricably linked by the day. This trend however poses considerable challenges for both technical and medical personnel. Patient entertainment systems can play an important role in meeting these challenges, provided they are […]


Year-end Spurt 2015: ClinicAll Takes Stock of an Exceptionally Successful Year

NEUSS, Germany, December 17, 2015/PRNewswire — – Cross reference: Picture is available via epa european pressphoto agency ( – With just a few weeks left in 2015, an eventful year is drawing to a close. This is also the time for ClinicAll to take stock and take a retrospective look at how the business has […]

Arabic Technology

خطوة رائدة نحو العيادات الرقمية: ClinicAll و SRC Infonet يقومان بتجهيز أول عيادة في أوروبا تعمل بنظام السجلات الطبية الإلكترونية (EMR)

نويس, ألمانيا, 1 أكتوبر 2015 / PRNewswire — – إحالة مرجعية: صورة متاحة على الوكالة الأوروبية للصور الصحفية epa ( – يضم نظام السجلات الطبية الإلكترونية (EMR) كافة البيانات المرتبطة بصحة المريض وعلاجه، إذ يتيح الوصول المركزي للبيانات الإدارة المثلى للبيانات بواسطة فريق العاملين المعتمدين في العيادة والأطباء والفريق الطبي. وهذا لا يُحسِّن من سلاسة […]