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معرض G-STAR 2012 يختتم فعالياته برقم قياسي

زيادة حجم الصادرات في قاعة B2B بنسبة 49%، بزيادة بلغت 147,99 مليون دولار أمريكي

G-STAR 2012 Closed With a Record Achievement

The Amount of Export Deals at B2B Hall Increased by 49%, Year-on-Year to Reach 147.99 Million Dollars

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA–(Marketwire &…

G-STAR 2012, Touching the World With Games, to Have the Grand Opening This November 8th

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA–(Marketwire – November 7, 2012) – The final touches are being put to the preparation work for ‘G…