The Center for Global Enterprise Announces Global Distribution of book Re-Think: A Path to the Future

NEW YORK, Nov. 3, 2014 / PRNewswire   — The Center for Global Enterprise (CGE) today announces the global distribution of Re-Think: A Path to the Future, originally released in April of this year by Sam Palmisano, former CEO and Chairman of IBM.  The CGE is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping business leaders worldwide establish best management practices for leading a globally integrated enterprise (GIE).  Re-Think outlines the core operating elements of the GIE, the opportunities carried by a global economy, and the most pressing challenges faced by today’s business world.  Drawing from Palmisano’s experiences at IBM and the lessons learned at overseeing one of the world’s largest global integration processes, the book serves as an important educational tool for those interested in contemporary management practices in an era of globalization and transparency.

The CGE, in cooperation with Cemex and Geely Holdings Limited, two global companies featured in the book, are distributing 100,000 copies of Re-Think to all 193 countries serving under the United Nations. The book is available in four languages.  Students and faculty members at leading universities and institutions around the globe will have the opportunity to learn from Re-Think by receiving a complimentary copy.  Those that participate will also be eligible for the new CGE Global Scholars Initiative: thecge.net/scholar/ a new educational global effort where scholars can receive access to unique CGE research and content, attend events, and participate in interactive sessions with CGE leaders and fellows, among other benefits.

The global distribution of Re-Think ­is part of the CGE’s commitment to open, global, applied learning and education, the management science of contemporary business, and the changing structure of the enterprise.  The CGE is dedicated to applied research (http://thecge.net/research) and seeks to collaborate with talented leaders across the globe.  For more information about the global distribution of Re-Think and the CGE Scholars program please visit: http://thecge.net.


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