Theft of a US army watchtower in Kuwait


A watchtower in a US army camp in Kuwait was robbed by unknown persons, taking advantage of the lack of surveillance cameras near the camp.

Kuwaiti newspaper “Al-Rai” quoted security sources as saying that Jahra’s detectives are intensifying their investigations to arrest the thieves of the watchtower in Al-Adaira as soon as possible.

The same sources said that officers from the US army had reported the theft of the watchtower.

The sources stated that the theft was discovered on Tuesday by army officers while they were inspecting the camp, and that a felony case was registered, and the security and investigation forces were assigned to intensify investigations to apprehend the perpetrators and refer them to the competent authority.

The sources indicated that after the end of the Gulf 2021 maneuver last Thursday, in which Kuwaiti, Saudi and American forces participated, a number of equipment and mechanisms were transferred to the camp from the maneuvering area, including the stolen tower.



Source: National Iraqi News Agency


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