KUWAIT, – Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced, Monday, the confiscation of about three million pills, of the illegal Captagon drug, which were hidden inside air compressors.

Drugs Control General Department (DCGD), followed a source of information, that indicated an incoming cargo container that hides the narcotics inside.

The cargo container was placed under surveillance, until it reached the country, and a delivery of the narcotics was made before the seizure was carried out.

The Kuwaiti security authorities have recently busted a wave of bids, to smuggle narcotics into the country, that drew much alarm from concerned authorities.

In July, the Ministry of Interior foiled a major attempt to bring 10 million Captagon pills worth KD 25 million (USD 82.84 million), into the country.

Captagon, the brand name for the synthetic stimulant, fenethylline, was developed in the 1960’s to treat hyperactivity and narcolepsy.

It was banned in the 1980’s because of its potential for abuse, but a knock-off version continues to be illegally manufactured, in small-scale labs in some countries.

Some militant groups in the region reportedly use it to increase their strength and prowess in battle.

Source: Nam News Network