Three MPs file grilling motion against Kuwait PM

Kuwait National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim said on Tuesday he had received a grilling motion from MPs Thamer Al-Suwait, Khaled Al-Otaibi and Dr. Bader Al-Dahoum against His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah. In a press statement, Al-Ghanim affirmed that he followed all regulatory procedures by informing His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah about the submitted motion.

He mentioned that the motion paper includes three issues, adding that it would be in the agenda of the next parliament session.

The lawmakers charge the premier with “explicit breach of the Constitution provisions when he formed the government, taking no consideration to the new assembly formation and trends.” In the second axis, they accuse “the executive authority of hegemony with respect of forming the parliament,” and in the other axis, they talk of “a violation of the constitutional commitment particularly with respect of article 98 of the Constitution.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency