Three Palestinians killed as Israeli warplanes continue targeting Gaza

GAZA, The Palestinian Health Ministry announced Monday the number of deaths as Israeli warplanes increased to three Palestinians, as Israeli bombing continue to target Gaza Strip.

The Spokesman of the Minister Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra gave a press statement saying that Hamad Al-Nahal (age 23) was killed, and another citizen was injured with multiple wounds when Israeli forces targeted a group of Palestinians east of Rafah in the southern part of Gaza Strip.

Al-Qudra explained since the Israeli strikes began the number of deaths has amounted to three, including nine others wounded who were transferred to Palestinian hospitals nearby.

The Israeli occupying army stated that its air forces struck more than 20 targets of Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements with the use of fighter jets, helicopters, and tanks.

The statement also mentioned 10 other targets in northern Gaza were struck.

While fighters’ jets bombed ten other destinations in southern Gaza Strip, as well as targeting Palestinian groups firing rockets at Israeli settlements.

Israeli occupying forces warned settlers to resort to shelters and halt schools’ activities in all settlements surrounding Gaza.

Source: Kuwait News Agency