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Trump holds Syria, Russia responsible for chemical attack in Syria

WASHINGTON, The White House again pushed back Wednesday on claims by Russia that there is no evidence of a deadly chemical attack in Syria over the weekend.

Intelligence provided “certainly paints a different picture, and the President holds Syria and Russia responsible for this chemical weapons attack,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said at a press briefing.

“Russia has proven themselves to be responsible in part for this. They guaranteed that the use of chemical weapons by Syria would not happen again. They failed at that.” She pointed out.

“They’ve also helped enable Syria by vetoing six different UN resolutions that have helped protect (Syrian President Bashar Al) Assad, so they certainly hold some responsibility in this, and certainly have proven themselves to be bad actors in this process,” Sanders noted.

“We’re maintaining that we have a number of options, and all of those options are still on the table,” she said, adding, “Final decisions haven’t been made yet on that front.” Asked whether President Donald Trump was no longer sticking to his statement Monday that a strike on Syria would occur within 24 to 48 hours, Sanders said, Trump “has not laid out a timetable, and is still leaving a number of other options on the table.” “We’re still considering a number of those, and a final decision on that front hasn’t been made,” she explained.

Sanders noted that the President’s national security team met earlier in the day and discussed a number of options.

She said administration officials have had regular contact with regional allies and partners including Israel, Saudi Arabia, France and the United Kingdom, “as well as a number of other countries at various levels.” (pickup previous)

Source: Kuwait News Agency