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Trump says attempt to save ZTE is part of ‘larger trade deal’ with China

WASHINGTON, President Donald Trump said Wednesday that his push to save Chinese telecom company ZTE is a part of a “larger trade deal” and that he will not cave to Beijing’s trade demands, as critics suggest.

“The Washington Post and CNN have typically written false stories about our trade negotiations with China. Nothing has happened with ZTE except as it pertains to the larger trade deal,” he said in a tweet.

He continued, “Our country has been losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year with China. We have not seen China’s demands yet, which should be few in that previous US Administrations have done so poorly in negotiating.” “China has seen our demands. There has been no folding as the media would love people to believe, the meetings haven’t even started yet! The US has very little to give, because it has given so much over the years. China has much to give!,” On Sunday, Trump said he instructed the Commerce Department to find a way to help ZTE get “back into business fast” and added that “too many jobs” were lost in China.

Senate Democrats then accused the president of stepping back on his pledge to end alleged trade abuses on China.

ZTE, the China-based global smartphone and telecom equipment maker, announced last week that it halted its main operations after the Commerce Department banned American supplies to its business until 2025.

The ban was put in place after Washington accused ZTE of violating US sanctions on North Korea and Iran and then lying to US officials about whether the employees responsible were punished.

Source: Kuwait News Agency