Trump says hopes Turkey’s Erdogan will “act rationally”

WASHINGTON, US President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he hopes that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would “act rationally” in the wake of the operation Turkey launched earlier today in northern Syria.

In remarks to reporters at the White House, Trump said “I hope that he will act rationally.” He reiterated that if Erdogan does it in any inhumane way and if he does it “unfairly,” he will “pay a very big economic price,” and that he will “wipe out his economy.” He affirmed “we have no soldiers in the area,” adding “we are out of there. I feel that we are doing the right thing, and I think the country feels that, too. I campaigned on ending the endless wars.” For his part, Republican Senator and Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Jim Inhofe said in a statement “as President Trump has warned, Turkey’s actions will not be without serious economic, diplomatic and security consequences,” saying its “unilateral” military operation in Syria is “unacceptable.” “Erdogan’s actions risk undermining our bilateral relationship, destabilizing northeastern Syria, squandering hard-won progress against (IS), creating a new humanitarian crisis,” he stressed.

Source: Kuwait News Agency