Trump welcomes reports of Pyongyang’s dismantling of missile test facilities

US President Donald Trump welcomed Tuesday reports of North Korea’s dismantling of key missile test facilities, saying “we appreciate that.” Speaking at the Veterans of Foreign Wars of US National Convention in Kansas City, Trump said “new images just today show that North Korea has begun the process of dismantling a key missile site and we appreciate that.” He added “we’re also pursuing the de-nuclearization of North Korea and a new future of prosperity, security and peace on the Korean peninsula and all of Asia.” Trump also recalled his summit with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore last month, saying “we had a fantastic meeting with Chairman Kim and it seems to be going very well.” Furthermore, Trump noted that “we’re also working to bring back the remains of your brothers in arms who gave their lives to Korea and I hope that very soon these fallen warriors will begin coming home to lay at rest in American soil.

“That’s starting the process. At the very end of our meeting, I said to Chairman Kim, good relationship, good feeling, I said I would really appreciate it if you could do that. He said it will be done, so I was very happy and I think that process is starting fairly soon, we hope.” Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters in California “we’ve seen the open press reporting about the missile engine test site. It’d be entirely consistent with the commitment that Chairman Kim made to President Trump when the two of them were in Singapore together.” He added “he made that commitment to them orally. We’ve been pressing for there to be inspectors on the ground when that engine test facility is dismantled consistent with Chairman Kim’s commitment.” He reiterated that North Korea needs to “completely, fully denuclearize. That’s the steps that Chairman Kim committed to and that the world has demanded through UN Security Council resolutions. It’s that straightforward.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency