Trump would ‘certainly’ invite Un to US, if summit “goes well”

US President Donald Trump said Thursday that he would “certainly” invite North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to the US if “things go well” when they meet in Singapore in five days.

He added that he is “totally prepared to walk away” if talks don’t go well and explained that the summit will be “a terrific success or a modified success.” Trump spoke alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe after they held a meeting at the White House.

“If a deal is done we (the US and Japan) are going to be helping North Korea. We are going to work with China,” said the President.

Trump indicated that he believes a denuclearized North Korea will require more than one meeting and that normalizing relations is “something I hope we would do, would expect to do.” “We could sign an agreement, as you know that could be a first step, its what happens after the agreement that could be the big point,” he explained.

For his part, Abe said, “Japan and the United States are always together. I strongly hope that this historic summit in Singapore will be a resounding success.” He added, “Donald, President Trump, you are about to make a new history. Not only Japan, but the whole international community is strongly looking forward for the United States-North Korea summit to open doors toward peace and stability of the northeast Asia.” Abe highlighted that during his meeting with Trump they had an in-depth discussion about how to respond to North Korea and “detailed coordination aligning our positions.” The Prime Minister continued, “Japan stands ready to make every effort to assist you for the success of US-North Korea summit.” Trump affirmed that there is “potential to do something incredible for the world and its my honor to be involved.

Source: Kuwait News Agency