Tunisia’s Ennahdha leading in parliamentary elections

TUNIS, The Tunisian Independent High Authority for Election (ISIE) announced on Wednesday the final results of the vote counting in the 2019 legislative elections held on Sunday, October 6.

The Islamist Annahdha Movement won 52 of the 127 seats of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People, followed by the Heart of Tunisia party, which won 38 seats, ISIE President Nabil Baffoun said at a press conference tonight.

The Democratic Current came third with 22 seats, while the Dignity Coalition and the Free Destourian Party shared the fourth position with 21 seats for each.

The People’s Movement party won 16 seats, Long Live Tunisia 14 seats and Tunisia Project four seats, while each of the Popular Unity, Nidaa Tounes, Tunisian Alternative and Errahmah won three seats.

Afek Tounes won two seats while each of the Democratic Social Union party, the Popular Front, the return to origin, the citizenship list, Wafa Movement, the Current of Love and the giving list got one seat, Baffoun added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency