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Turkey fines USD 281,000 Facebook over data breach

ISTANBUL, Turkey, on Thursday, fined the well-known social media platform Facebook nearly USD 281,000 over data breach exposing the personal information of hundreds of thousands of users in the country.

According to the Anadolu Agency (AA), the Personal Data Protection Authority said that Facebook exposed the name, gender, birthday, relationship status, educational background, religion, hometown, and location information of nearly 281,000 users.

Facebook was fined USD 201,865 for the breach, and USD 79,000 for failing to provide notice of the breach.

This May, the Personal Data Protection Authority fined Facebook USD 289,566 over a previous data breach.

This June, the US fined Facebook USD 5 billion for privacy violations, the largest ever fine levied by the Federal Trade Commission on a tech company. Nevertheless, critics said the fine amounted to a working expense for the tech giant, which last year drew in nearly USD 56 billion in revenue.

Source: Kuwait News Agency