Turkey says Briton may have committed suicide in Istanbul

ISTANBUL, Turkey’s forensic report said on Tuesday that British national James Gustaf Edward Le Mesurier might have committed suicide after the police found his body in Istanbul on Monday.

Former British soldier Le Mesurier, who Ankara accuses of being an MI6 agent, did not fall from a window spontaneously, but it is likely that he, instead, jumped out willingly, police told Anadolu Agency.

Le Mesurier, 48, was thinking of committing a suicide 15 days before his death, his wife of told Turkish police in her statement, according to the agency.

Emma Hedvig Christina Winberg told police that her husband had recently started to take psychiatric medications and told her 15 days before his death that he thought of killing himself, the agency reported.

She noted that they moved to a house in Beyoglu after her husband had started getting injection and drug treatment due to a stress disorder. She added that they needed to be close to a health institution.

Le Mesurier was awarded an Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth in 2016 for services to Syria Civil Defence and the protection of civilians in the country.

Before his death, Russia’s Foreign Ministry, in a statement, accused Le Mesurier of being a former MI6 agent, who took part in several operations carried out in the Balkans and the Middle East.

Ankara announced Le Mesurier was found dead in Beyogluon Monday, and ordered authorities to open an investigation to uncover the causes behind the incident.

Source: Kuwait News Agency