Turkey summons French envoy over resolution on operation in Syria

ANKARA, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday summoned French Ambassador in Ankara Charles Fries in the aftermath of a resolution made by the French parliament on Ankara’s counter-terrorism operation in northern Syria.

The Turkish move came following the stance by the French Senate and National Assembly on the “Operation Peace Spring” in Syria, Turkish Anadolu Agency (AA) said.

The ministry slammed in a written statement the decision, saying that: “We strongly condemn and reject decisions by the French Senate and National Assembly about Operation Peace Spring.”, according to the agency.

“It is obvious that France took this decision after its plan to establish a terrorist state in Syria failed,” it said, adding that the French government and parliament had showed that they were on the side of the terrorists, the agency reported.

The ministry added that no country could give lessons to Turkey in combating the so-called Islamic State. On Wednesday, the French parliament approved unanimously a decision deploring the military operation launched on October 9, with the aim of eliminating the terrorists from northern Syria east of the Euphrates River.

The Turkish step also seeks to secure Turkey’s borders and the safe return of Syrian refugees, and maintain Syria’s territorial integrity.

Source: Kuwait News Agency