Turkey urges US to halt support to PYD/YPG

ANKARA, Turkey has asked the United States to end all engagement with or support to the PKK Syrian affiliate Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed wing People’s Protection Units (YPG).

In a press statement following the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the Presidential Aide Ibrahim Kalin said Turkey considered every support given to the PYD and YPG as a direct or indirect support to the terror group PKK.

“Turkey’s main expectation from the US, which is our NATO ally and strategic partner, is to end its all engagements with PYD/YPG, Syrian branch of PKK terror group,” he said.

“It is a futile effort from the US to describe the PYD and YPG — which they used to describe as the Syrian branch of the PKK– as a legitimate group which has no links with terrorism and the PKK,” Kalin said.

He stressed that his country would never allow a terrorist group’s structuring in the east of Euphrates River.

Kalin vowed that Turkey would fight terrorists who target its security wherever they were.

“Wherever it comes, inside or outside, Turkish Republic will resolutely continue fighting terrorist threats with all its institutions.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency