UAE Central Bank reprints Two New currency notes

UAE Central Bank reprints Two New currency notes
2013-01-30 12:42:14

WAM Abu Dhabi, Jan 30th, 2013 (WAM) — Central Bank of The United Arab Emirates announced that it would put in circulation, on Saturday 02/02/2013, two currency notes reprinted with new security features, of AED one hundred (AED100) and AED one thousand (AED 1000).

The new security features include replacement of the metallic ink surrounding the UAE emblem by a multi-colored ink, on the upper half of the front side of the two currency notes, and replacement of the silver security thread by a (3mm) wide multi-colored security thread on the front side of the AED 100 currency note, with (UAE 100) printed on it, and on the back side of the AED 1000 currency note, with (UAE 1000) printed on it.

The overall design and other specifications of the two notes are going to stay the same.

The two currency notes will be dispensed to banks in accordance with the Central Bank’s established procedures for cash withdrawal and deposit.

WAM/HH WAM/Latheef

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