UAE expresses “categorical rejection” of offensive newspaper comments to Kuwait

UAE Foreign Ministry officials have expressed their “categorical rejection” of “unacceptable” remarks deemed offensive to bilateral ties with Kuwait or Kuwaiti symbols, saying both are held in the “highest degree” of appreciation and esteem, Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

This comes after Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry sent an official memo to the UAE, expressing its “dissatisfaction and rejection” of phrases contained in a newspaper article published by Emirati newspaper Al-Arab, which represent an insult to Kuwait and its symbols, a Kuwait Foreign Ministry quoted a source as saying.

The UAE Foreign Ministry responded immediately on Thursday evening in its own memo, expressing its objection to the news report, the source added.

The document expressed the “official position of the United Arab Emirates, expressed by our brothers, regarding their keenness on fraternal relations with the State of Kuwait and respect and appreciation for its symbols

Source: Kuwait News Agency