UAE Paper lauded new federal child protection law

WAM Abu Dhabi, Nov 22, 2012 (WAM) — A UAE paper has hailed UAE Government’s new federal child protection law that allows for zero tolerance when it comes to child abuse.

“Children are our most precious assets. They must be loved, nurtured and treasured as the precious gifts that they are; cherished for the joy, pride at their accomplishments, tears for the fears and laughter for the moments they bring us all”, Gulf News” said in its today’s editorial.

In Dubai, a comprehensive new child protection policy is also taking effect, guaranteeing that no child should ever have to suffer again at the hands of twisted perpetrators who wrongly focus their own anger and problems on the innocent.

Recent court cases show that those who do perpetrate crimes against children will face the toughest rigours and penalties for their cruel actions.

But laws are one thing enforcement is another.

There is no lack of resolve on behalf of all levels of government to protect children. Their work, however, needs our help. We must be vigilant and watch out for signs of abuse. And we must be willing to follow through by reporting those who we suspect will take advantage of children. Making sure no child is again abused is the responsibility of us all.


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