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UK PM, NATO Chief tackle importance of NATO power

LONDON, British Prime Minister Theresa May asserted along with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Tuesday on the importance of having NATO members maintain their military capabilities and keeping up with international security developments.

A Downing Street spokesperson said the Prime Minister welcomed NATO Secretary General to Downing Street and the two delve into a wide-ranging discussion on security issues.

“She began by congratulating the Secretary General on the extension of his appointment to 2022 and on a successful start to NATO’s 70th anniversary year,” the spokesperson said.

“The Prime Minister and Secretary General Stoltenberg discussed the NATO Leaders’ Summit in December in London,” the spokesperson added.

They agreed that the Summit would be an opportunity to celebrate NATO’s strength and look ahead to the next 70 years of the Alliance.

“On the future of NATO, the Prime Minister and Secretary General Stoltenberg spoke about the importance of all Allies investing in our shared security in order to adapt to 21st Century threats and protect our people,” the spokesperson said.

“They both welcomed the progress that has been made on Allies’ spending commitments in recent years but agreed it was important to maintain momentum and encourage all Allies to increase their contributions,” the spokesperson noted.

“They discussed some of the security challenges facing the Alliance, including continuing Russian aggression and cyber threats from China,” the spokesperson said.

“The Prime Minister welcomed NATO’s focus on these areas and offered to share further UK expertise with NATO on them,” the spokesperson said.

“Both the Prime Minister and Secretary General Stoltenberg noted NATO’s important role in combatting terrorism, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan,” the spokesperson said.

“The Secretary General thanked the UK for its contribution to training, capacity building and other counter-terrorism programmes in the region. They both agreed on the importance of achieving a sustainable peace deal in Afghanistan that prioritizes human rights,” the spokesperson added.

“Finally, the Secretary General paid tribute to the UK’s ongoing commitment to NATO and the contribution made by all those involved in delivering 50 years of the UK’s Continuous At Sea Deterrent,” the spokesperson added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency