Health Care

UN official: Kuwait prepared, able to deal with health challenges

The UN Secretary-General Representative Resident Coordinator in Kuwait, Dr. Tariq Al-Sheikh, praised Kuwait’s ability and preparedness for any health emergency and challenge, including COVID-19 pandemic.

In a joint press release with the World Health Organization, Monday, on the International Day of Epidemic Preparedness, Al-Sheikh hailed the efficiency and ability of the government system of Kuwait to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic to preserve the lives of individuals in the Kuwaiti society.

“Together, our expertise and challenges that we’ve faced and conquered can pave the groundwork for more robust and resilient systems with a capacity to predict, prevent and mitigate public health emergencies,” Al-Sheikh added.

He noted that the World Health Organization’s Solidarity Trial mobilized nearly 500 hospitals as trial sites in more than 30 countries including Kuwait to research the effectiveness of repurposed drugs, providing conclusive evidence on potential treatment modalities whilst simultaneously preventing any unnecessary drug supply shortages that may affect millions of chronic disease patients globally

Source: Kuwait News Agency