UN won’t take sides in Venezuela – Guterres

NEW YORK, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Monday the UN would not take sides in Venezuela, where a power struggle was taking place, and the world body was reaching out to a number of initiatives to find a political solution for the South American country’s crisis.

Speaking to reporters, Guterres said he was following with concern the political conflict between opposition parliament speaker Juan Guaido, who declared himself as interim President and was backed by a number of Western countries, and President Nicholas Maduro.

UN Secretariat decided not to take sides “in order to show credibility for our good offices to help find a political solution for the crisis,” he said.

Venezuela has been suffering from an economic turmoil for years now with high inflation rates and shortage in food and medicine. This forced millions of Venezuelans to flee the country.

In January, Maduro was sworn in for a second term following controversial elections. Guaido declared himself as interim president and said the constitution allowed him to take office on interim basis “if the president lost legitimacy.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency