UNDP to organize workshop on women’s issues in Kuwait


The United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) will hold on Monday a three-day training workshop entitled “towards more sensitive and responsive media to woman issues.” The workshop, in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, will be organized in cooperation with the Women’s Research and Studies Center at the Kuwait University and the UN.
The training session, which will be held virtually, aims at enhancing skills of media people and producers, and social influencers to produce media content on women’s issues, a news statement said.
This means presenting an image on women in a more multidimensional manner, changing the cultural stereotypes relating to women and their role in society, and contributing to efforts to achieve the fifth goal of the sustainable development goals about “gender equality,” it added.
The workshop includes lectures on the importance of making the social gender part of media content at the media institutions, it noted.
Meanwhile, secretary general of Supreme Council for Planning and Development (SCPD) Dr. Khaled Mahdi said the Secretariat seeks, through the workshop, to boost capabilities of media people and producers in audiovisual media and platforms on social media.
The workshop further aims to bolster the production of media content to be more comprehensive and balanced for women’s issues, as well as responsive to the goals of sustainable development and the role of women in achieving those goals, mainly in light of the coronavirus that highly occupied media in Kuwait and the whole world, he pointed out.
For her part, the UN Development Program Resident Representative Hideko Hadzialic emphasized that the coronavirus pandemic created an unprecedented challenge in global communications with the presence of social media, stressing the importance of professional, reliable and honest journalism more than ever.
She welcomed the participation of media specialists in this training so as to provide varied and balanced coverage on women’s rights and gender equality.
Head of Women’s Research and Studies Center Dr. Lonba Al-Qadhi said media plays a key role in enhancing the gender equality through covering topics taking into consideration sex differences.
She underlined the importance of highlighting woman’s role in different areas in a regular basis to make the society realize women’s contributions.


Source: Kuwait News Agency

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