UNSC urges Trump, Rouhani to refrain from accusation exchange

President of the UN Security Council Olof Skoog, of Sweden, called US and Iranian presidents Monday to lower tone of verbal media escalation because the region was in much need of less tension.

Exchange of accusation via media between US and Iranian Presidents, Donald Trump and Hassan Rouhani respectively, “is worrying,” Skoog, the rotating UNSC president, told reporters when asked about the Council’s reaction.

The Security Council, he added, would be discussing these accusations when it meet tomorrow on the Middle East.

Rouhani, during a meeting with Western diplomats in Tehran, criticized US attempts to derail Iranian oil exports. “Peace with Iran is the real peace, and the war is the mother of all wars,” he said.

Trump, in a tweet last night, warned Rouhani against threatening the US if he would face severe consequences.

Source: Kuwait News Agency