Upsetting 0-2 defeat for Australia against Peru

A devastating defeat for Australia today in Sochi, as Peru goes to snatch the three points from the Aussies, and eliminate the chances of Australia to continue their World Cup run.

Peru opens the score in the 18th minute after a deep cross reaches Andre Carrillo with a well-taken half-volley putting it home on the far right side of the post.

The goal came after a beautiful build-up by Peru’s side, after the match began with an initial push by the Australian team, making it more difficult for the Australians to advance to the Round of 16.

In the first half, the Socceroos came close to equalise on many occasions, but no clear finisher to get the job done.

Peru extends the lead early in the second half after a well-worked attack forward in the 50th minute that reached the captain Paolo Guerrero from a pass inside the box to leave his mark on the scoreboard for Peru with a 2-0 lead.

The second goal by Peru is detrimental for the Socceroos in their last chance to qualify for the round 16, needing the full three-points and some help from France to beat Denmark.

The Australian coach brings on Tim Cahil shortly after the second goal by Peru, in an attempt to bring more experience on the pitch to help create more chances for his attacking side.

Cahil becomes the third Australian to appear at four World Cup finals (2006, 2010, 2014, and 2018) and the oldest at 38 years and participates in his ninth game today.

The Peruvian fans were pleased by their team’s performance today at the Fisht stadium, in Sochi, leaving the World Cup on a good note, with a 2-0 win against Australia and three points to finish in third place in Group C.

The results of today’s Group C matches end with France standing in first with seven points, followed by Denmark with five, after they tied 0-0. Australia is officially out of the fight at today’s defeat, and both teams qualifying will have to wait on tonight’s Group D matches to know who the next challenger will be.

Source: Kuwait News Agency