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US completes reunification of 5 year-old immigrant children

The US has completed its reunification process for children under five years old on Thursday after separating them from their parents for crossing the southern border illegally in part of its zero tolerance immigration policy.

But, 46 of these children, under 5, were not reunited with their parents because of safety concerns, the deportation of their parents, and other issues, Department of Homeland security said in a statement Thursday.

“Our agencies’ careful vetting procedures helped prevent the reunification of children with an alleged murderer, an adult convicted of child cruelty, and adults determined not to be the parent of the child,” it said.

“The American immigration system is the most generous in the world, but we are a nation of laws and we intend to continue enforcing those laws,” added the statement.

The administration missed a Tuesday deadline set by a federal judge to have all children under five reunited with their parents.

On July 26, the government is set to reunite about 2,000 older children.

Source: Kuwait News Agency