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US pres., Iraqi PM discuss US withdrawal from Syria, bilateral cooperation

BAGHDAD, US President Donald Trump and Iraqi Premier Adel Abdul Mahdi has discussed, via phone, the US decision to pullout troops from Syria and the joint cooperation to eradicate the so-called Islamic State (IS) group.

The two leaders also mulled boosting bilateral relations in various domains, the Iraqi premiership said in a press release Wednesday.

Abdul Mahdi invited Trump to visit Baghdad in the near future and he responded with an invitation to Abdul Mahdi to visit Washington.

Trump made the phone call with Abdul Mahdi during his visit to the US troops in Al-Asad airbase in Iraq’s Al-Anbar Province today.

Trump’s maiden visit aimed to inspect the state of the soldiers and to join them in Christmas holiday celebrations, according to Iraqi state TV.

The Iraqi media reported that the US president has ruled out any plan to withdraw US forces from Iraq soon.

Source: Kuwait News Agency