US: Russian manufactured air defense in Syria ‘totally ineffective’

WASHINGTON, The US disputed Russian claims that it shot down a significant number of missiles during the strike against Syrian chemical weapon bases, Pentagon Spokesperson Dana White said Thursday.

“The Russian manufactured air defense systems were totally ineffective,” White told reporters.

“Russia and the regime demonstrated the ineffectiveness of their systems against two days later when those systems engaged accidentally.” She reiterated that the US’ main focus in Syria is the defeat of the so-called Islamic State and continue to support the UN backed Geneva peace process.

“However, the process will continue to be stymied as long as Moscow thwarts its progress and fails to hold Assad accountable for his regime’s atrocities,” White added.

The Spokesperson highlighted that the US has seen no indication that the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad is prepared to launch another chemical weapons attack.

Source: Kuwait News Agency