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US sanctions Central Bank of Venezuela

WASHINGTON, The US Department of Treasury on Wednesday designated the Central Bank of Venezuela (Banco Central de Venezuela) “for operating in the financial sector of the Venezuelan economy.” Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin said the sanctions aim to prevent the bank from being used as “a tool of the illegitimate Maduro regime, which continues to plunder Venezuelan assets and exploit government institutions to enrich corrupt insiders.” “While this designation will inhibit most Central Bank activities undertaken by the illegitimate Maduro regime, the United States has taken steps to ensure that regular debit and credit card transactions can proceed and personal remittances and humanitarian assistance continue unabated and are able to reach those suffering under the Maduro regime’s repression,” he stressed.

In this regard, the Department of State said in a statement that these new sanctions “do not target the innocent people of Venezuela.” “They will not prohibit humanitarian assistance or personal remittances, which are desperately needed after years of corruption and mismanagement by the regime,” it said, affirming that the US is “committed to helping the Venezuelan people’s struggle to restore democracy and prosperity to Venezuela.” “By defeating Maduro’s tyranny, all Venezuelans will be free to rebuild their nation and regain the international standing and stability it deserves,” according to the statement.

Furthermore, the US also designated today Laureano Ortega Murillo, the son of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo, as well as Nicaraguan bank Banco Corporativo SA (BanCorp). The Treasury said in a separate statement that today’s action “targets corrupt financial operations and Ortega regime support networks.

It added that the individual and entity designated today “support a regime that, since April 2018, has cracked down on political opposition, leading to the death of 325 persons, the injury of more than 2,000, the imprisonment of hundreds of political and civil society actors, and over 42,000 Nicaraguans seeking refuge in Costa Rica.” Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Sigal Mandelker said in this regard that the Treasury is sanctioning Laureano Ortega Murillo and BanCorp “for their roles in corruption and money laundering for the personal gain of the Ortega regime.” “These actions send a message to all who continue to prop up the Ortega regime that there is a steep price to pay for abusing the Nicaraguan economy and its people,” she stressed.

Source: Kuwait News Agency