US sheds light on Syrian regime’s abuses including journalists’ assassination

WASHINGTON, The US stressed Friday that it “seeks to shed light on abuses” committed by the Syrian Assad regime, “including the assassination of journalists,” the Department of State said.

This comes as a US District Court determined that the Syrian regime “is civilly liable for the assassination” of journalist Marie Colvin, who was killed in 2012 in Homs.

State Department Deputy Spokesperson Robert Palladino noted in a statement that “the court found Marie was specifically targeted because of her profession, particularly for the purpose of silencing those reporting on the growing opposition movement in the country, and that a breach of international law occurred.” “We continue to advocate against the arbitrary detention of civilians, push for effective mechanisms to hold perpetrators accountable, and support the documentation and investigation of the Assad regime’s crimes,” the statement stressed.

It added “we call on Russia to cease shielding the regime and to support international efforts for justice and accountability.” A US court ordered the Syrian government to pay USD 302 million in civil damages for the “targeted murder” of Colvin.

Source: Kuwait News Agency