Vatican official lauds Kurdistan’s support to Christian refugees

IRBIL, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin has acclaimed Iraq’s Kurdistan region for hosting and caring for Iraqis displaced by the war on the so-called Islamic State – Christians in particular.

During his meeting with Kurdistan Region PM Nechirvan Barzani in Irbil on Thursday, Cardinal Parolin underlined the need for restoring security and public services to the areas affected by the war before the return of displaced people, Barzani’s office said in a statement.

He highlighted the peaceful coexistence between people with different religious and ethnic backgrounds in the Kurdistan Region.

For his part, PM Barzani described Christians as key component of the Kurdish community, reaffirming his government’s commitment to further promoting coexistence in the region based on respect and forgiveness.

They also touched upon the overall situation of Christians across Iraq, the relations between Irbil and Baghdad, and the effort to eliminate terrorist groups in the country.

Source: Kuwait News Agency