WHO team in Kuwait to kickstart disease classification system

— A team from the World Health Organization (WHO) arrived in Kuwait on Wednesday to assist a local medical facility on setting up a system to classify different ailments, the country’s first experience with such a tool.

The system is an automation engine that helps a physician reach an accurate diagnosis, said Farwaniya Medical Area chief Dr. Mohammad Al-Rashidi, highlighting the new program as useful in tracking down just how prevalent a particular disease is.

On the WHO team’s visit to Kuwait’s Al-Farwaniya Hospital, he said it aims to ensure that the facility is successful in starting the system without any glitches, adding that the initiative fits into Kuwait’s “Vision 2035” development plan.

The hospital is the first in the wider region to experiment with the new system, in conjunction with WHO, said the medical facility’s director Dr. Ali Al-Mutairi, pointing out that hospitals nationwide are likely to follow suit in employing this tool.

Source: Kuwait News Agency